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Class Sessions:

Class Orientation and Welcome Dinner
Session 1 - "Collaborative Leadership Styles"
Session 2 - "Natural Resources"
Session 3 - "Local and Tribal Government"
Session 4 - "Economic Development"
Session 5 - "Diversity"
Session 6 - "Education, Youth, and Lifelong Learning"
Session 7 - "State Government"
Session 8 - "Health Care and Wellness"
Session 9 - "Personal Engagement"
Monthly sessions are typically the second Thursday of the month, held at 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Session 1 Sep 13, 2018

Collaborative Leadership Styles
The first session focuses on understanding the variety of leadership styles within the class participants. The day is spent getting to know each other through team challenges and exercises directed by a facilitator from Team Leadership in Sturgeon Bay. 

Session 2 Oct, 11, 2018

Natural Resources
A walk through the Learning Path behind the College of Menominee helped us to understand the sustainability practices the Menominee Nation have used for over 140 years.
A visit to Green Valley Dairy, once of the largest operations in a two-county area, allowed us see an example of closed loop farming. 
An aspect of the LSC curriculum is to participate in a community service project.  After an informal community “needs assessment”, the class creates a list of needs and services and the process of consensus begins.  The class eventually determines what group project topics they will work on during the remainder of the program.

Session 3 Nov 8, 2018

Local and Tribal Government
Public speaking skills are put to practice this day. LSC participants are asked to prepare a three-minute speech on any topic they choose. The speeches were presented to a Green Bay Toastmaster representative who provides tips on how to become a better presenter.
Round table discussions with our Mayor, City Administrator, Alderman and County Board Supervisors allowed us to discuss current City of Shawano and Shawano County issues.
The day ended with an overview of Menominee Tribal government.

Session 4 Nov 8, 2018

Economic Development
Tours of Timber Pro and Genex provided an opportunity to visit two local businesses that have their worldwide headquarters in Shawano.
Tourism as Economic Development was the topic discussed by Nancy Smith, director of the Shawano County Chamber of Commerce.  Tourism is responsible for millions of dollars spent in Shawano Country and extremely important to our area economy. 
Individuals from CRI, UW-Extension and area farmers representing different aspects of agriculture, were available for an Agriculture Panel discussion. From seed to feed to dairy and beef products, we learned how all of these businesses depend on one another and we understood what huge impact agriculture has on our local economy.   

Session 5 Jan 10, 2019

A tour of an Amish school, furniture business and breakfast with an Amish family gave us insight into their culture and their neighboring community. 
An exercise called “PACE” Poverty Awareness for Community Engagement provided key lessons regarding poverty and classism in our culture.       
The day ended with a conversation with a Stockbridge-Munsee tribal member to discuss the cultural uniqueness of tribal living, more importantly, we had a chance to talk about what we all have in common.  

Session 6 Feb 14, 2019

Education Youth and Lifelong Learning
We started the day at NWTC to learn about programming at their campuses with state-of-the-art classrooms and access to distance learning classes.
Alternative Education, the role of a School Board member and an overview of School Funding is covered by Shawano School District administrators.  
Understanding why it can be difficult to communicate with people from other generations is covered in the topic “Communicating Across Generations”. We learn about each generation’s unique values, work ethics and learning styles.  Understanding these differences and learning what approach to use can help us communicate with a multi-generational work force.
The Youth Action Panel with area high school students gave us the opportunity to candidly discuss their hopes for the future and issues confronting them today.

Session 7 Mar 14, 2019

State Government  
For this session, the group travels to the state capitol for the day.  We meet with our area legislators to discuss current issues and learn about governmental processes.  A visit with the Governors policy advisors gave us a glimpse into what is involved with creating policy and budgets.
A Supreme Court justice explains his role in the Supreme Court and we tour the architecturally stunning State Capitol.

Session 8 Apr 11, 2019

Health Care and Wellness
A tour and overview of the ThedaCare Shawano Medical Center gave us an overview of the health care services available at the Shawano Campus.
Techniques to reduce stress were discussed, along with suggestions on how to change habits and improve our overall health.
A conversation with an area Sherriff’s Captain allowed for discussion about Drugs and Society and explained that addiction is a disease of the brain and is the cause of a public health crisis. 

Session 9 May 9, 2019

Personal Engagement
This final day is spent reflecting on the last nine months together with a discussion about what it takes to Perform to our Potential.   A group exercise allows us to “dream big” and think about what the future may entail.
We discuss about the importance of volunteering in our community and talk about the value of short and long-term commitments.  The day ends with a tour of the Walls of Wittenberg.

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